Can you specify a future online payment date in Quicken Bill Manager?

In the "old" Quicken Bill Pay, you could schedule an online payment for a future date (say next week) for an online payee. However, in Quicken Bill Manager it appears you can schedule an online payment only for the same date that you enter the transaction. Can anyone confirm this? A Quicken support agent told me she was not aware of a way to schedule a future online payment on Quicken Bill Manager as the program currently exists.

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  • philquick
    philquick Member
    This is a huge mistake--not being able to schedule a payment. Sorry I converted over before they gave the program that simple requirement. Quicken better get this fixed. I used to sit down, and schedule out all my bills. Now I have to wait until they are almost due.... Ridiculous!
  • 40innings
    40innings Member
    Agreed....This is a HUGE inconvenience as it currently exists! I'm hopeful that this is corrected before the summer months. Not sure how it could have been omitted from the original rollout.
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