Screen freezes, fonts fuzzy and blue spinning circle

Running Windows 10. Periodically (every few minutes) when working in an account, my screen freezes, the fonts go wonky and there is a spinning blue circle. After a couple moments, everything returns to normal. I've updated to current drivers for my display adapter and drives. It does this with disk caching either on or off. Its very frustrating. Any suggestions?


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    Windows, by making the screen appear out of focus, blurry, is impatiently indicating that Quicken is active and has not been responding within a few seconds. This could be because Quicken is busy trying to perform disk I/O to its data file while at the same time it's being delayed by Windows and other applications performing a lot of disk I/O to the C: - drive.
    I can see this type of activity on my Windows 8.1 laptop which has only 4 GB RAM and bogs down under heavy memory load.
    How much RAM does your computer have?
    What else is running other than Quicken?
    Are you using MS OneDrive, Dropbox or any other cloud backup software to backup the active Quicken file while Quicken is running? (That's a NONO, by the way)
    Are you "automatically updating quotes every 15 minutes"? (Edit / Preferences / Investment transactions)
    Where is your active Quicken data file located? In the recommended \Documents\Quicken folder on an internal hard drive or on an external USB or network - attached drive?
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    Thanks for getting back. I've got 24GB of ram and Chrome is running, but nothing else. My data file is as you described on my main drive. I don't see a setting where you described to update investment quotes - I don't do that in Quicken in any case.

    You made me think about the fact that DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive are all synching, so that might be a problem. I've put synching on pause for all of them and will see it that makes a difference. The symptom does act like some activity is taking place, but nothing is apparent.
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    While you can pause any cloud sync, you should not have the active data file stored on any of these driver folders. They interfere with Quicken and can cause permanent data corruption. Use them for backups only.
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