Citi Cards changed my account number

Citi Cards changed my account number. Downloads stopped. How do I get the new account number to download?

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  • Snowman
    Snowman Member ✭✭✭✭
    In the account bar right click on the account and select edit/delete account.  Select the General tab and edit the account number.  Save the changed.  Close and reopen Quicken.  Go back to the edit/delete selection and select online services.  Deselect the account.  Close and reopen Quicken.  Go back the the edit/delete screen again select Online Services and reactivate the account.  You DO NOT want to add the account you want to assign the old account to the new number.  I believe the option you want it LINK.  When you select LINK assign the account you already have in Quicken.
  • sonnygentry
    sonnygentry Member
    Interestingly, I de-activated and then re-activated the account and it was fixed. The new account number now shows up when I go to Edit the account. (For the record, editing the account number was not allowed; it was grayed out.) Citi Cards did not think this through and realize what trouble they were causing. Thank you so much for your suggestions.
  • Bob Ball
    Bob Ball Member ✭✭
    I apparently screwed up this activation-inactivation thing. Citibank issued me a new card with a new number a few weeks ago, and when downloads on the old account failed to keep up with new transactions, I started a new Quicken account and inactivated the old one. But that meant I have to switch to the old to check old transactions. So just now, I inactivated-activated the new one and activated-inactivated the old one. No luck. I've kept Q2007 for Mac going along with new versions going back to 2016 or so, and I've been given new account numbers using each. I've had no problems until this.
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