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paycheck schedule update not sticking

Quicken frequently messes up my paycheck. so, every now and then, I just delete one and re-enter it.

For a while now, I end up taking let's say the next paycheck (15th and last day of the month) and simply enter it as the current one.
Then, to make everything match, I want to edit my paycheck and re-set its next date to be the next pay date. So, today for example, I took the 5/15 paycheck, made it match the 4/30 paycheck. Now, I go and edit the 5/31 paycheck (and all its future instances) and I want it to start on 5/15. But no matter what I do, I simply won't stick. I can briefly see the projected balance update correctly, but a couple of seconds later, when the window is dismissed, the 5/15 paycheck does not appear anywhere. Only the 5/31 and subsequent paychecks (so, same as before I edited it). See screenshots for details

version: Windows 2020 R26.17 build

(edited attached image to redact personal info)

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