SOLVED but not RESOLVED re error OL-221-A for BP credit cards with Synchrony Bank

Re questions asked by @may0528 @Moorhatch @"Greg Faber" about error OL-221-A from for BP credit cards with Synchrony Bank.

Once monthly, BP issues a statement credit (rebate rewards program). This transaction is missing a required YYYYMMDD value in the .qfx file. Until the bank fixes it on their end, here is the tedious workaround:

After you export the .qfx file from the bank website, you need to manually edit it before you can import into Quicken. Open the .qfx file in your favorite text editor (e.g. Notepad), find the problematic transaction, and carefully add a valid date to <DTPOSTED> and <DTUSER>. Look at all the other transactions to see how it's supposed to be formatted.

HINT: Try searching for the phrase "BP STATEMENT CREDIT" and look 2 or 3 lines above. You will see something like this:

which needs to look like this instead:

I have tried to inform them but I doubt it will ever reach the correct IT person. Alerting @"Quicken Sarah" and @Quicken_Tyka for possibly updating closed forum posts 7862273, 7863476, 7864506 which are all the same.
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