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Adding new Refi-Mortgage Account and Payoff old mortgage

I have a new Mortgage account that I opened in Quicken for Mac. I set it up manually as a mortgage loan account so that I could enter in the opening balance showing as a split transaction showing the payoff of the old loan, interest and closing costs separately. Everything looks fine when I do it but when I come back to it the next day all categories are changed to “adjustment” . Neither account is set up for transaction downloads. I have already deleted the new account and re-set up but it did it again today. I did hide the old account from the list view but not from reports. Does anyone have any ideas?


  • tconnelltconnell Member ✭✭
    Update: I called in to Customer Service and it had to do with the QuickFill Rules. *Menu -Window-Payee&Rules-QuickFill Rules I had to delete the QuickFill Rule that was the Opening Balance -Adjustment Rule.
  • kinseattlekinseattle Member ✭✭
    This did not work for me. After I save and close the opening balance transaction, the category returns to adjustment
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    Hello @kinseattle

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