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paying bills from fidelity investment account

:/ I have been using quicken and quicken bill pay for 15-20 years. Bill Pay has been connected to one of my fidelity investments accounts which handles all my checking and bill pay activities. this system has worked well for as long as i have used the system and i have been very happy with it and have recommended the Quicken product line to many associates. Recently, with Quicken support guidance, i attempted to convert the Bill Pay system to the new Quicken Bill Manager. I found that Bill Manager will not connect to my Fidelity brokerage checking account. Bill Manager sees the account as an investment account and will not allow Bill Manger access to that account. This must be corrected before i can convert.

Simple question: if it works in bill pay, why doesn't it work in bill manager.

I am confident that there are many other Quicken customers facing the same dilema. I suggest that it is in Quicken's best interest to correct this flaw.

Please contact me either via email [email removed] or telephone [phone removed] to help me resolve this issue.

Thanks, John

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  • pfcmpfcm Member ✭✭
    This feature is absolutely critical to my continued use of your product. it seems like a simple fix and you have 3 months to accomplish it. I don't see the problem.
  • pfcmpfcm Member ✭✭
    Please respond
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