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State Farm Bills online not working

I recently installed my first subscription version and am at R26.21. I am not able to get my State Farm bills correctly. I have successfully been getting the bills online at my bank service for several and they have been correct. When I tried to set up the bills in Quicken I get only 4 policies instead of the 7 policies I have.

I have searched the site about this problem but the answers seem troubling. One comment said a tech told him that State Farm has closed down that service. If so, why does it work with my bank and why can Quicken access some of my information. Another comment was that State Farm sent a letter advising that the service was being stopped. I never received a letter such as that. If that service is no longer being provided why is it offered as an online biller in Quicken.

Is there an official response as to this issue from Quicken?




  • cjim
    cjim Member
    Has anyone been able to confirm if / when State Farm downloads will start working again?
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