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Wells Fargo Account isn't synchronizing. If I reset, I am asked for Quicken Billpay password.

I have three Wells Fargo accounts. Two are synchronizing as expected. One isn't . No error message. One-Step update summary says the updates are completing satisfactorily. But transactions on the bank side are not downloading to my Quicken. That much seems like a common problem with other angry users. But then it gets weird.

If I try to reset the account's online services, I am challenged for Quicken Billpay credentials. Then then told that the credentials are wrong. If that doesn't seem strange, maybe you missed the fact that this is a Wells Fargo direct connect account. Why ask for Quicken Billpay credentials.

There are other reasons this is strange. One, the credentials are not wrong. Two, I have other Quicken Billpay accounts that are commutating with Quicken Billpay just fine. Three, I have two other Wells Fargo bank accounts that are synchronizing just fine. Four, one-step update summaries show that both Quicken Billpay and Wells Fargo are synchronizing just fine (even though that one Wells Fargo account isn't.)

The weirdness doesn't end there. If I try to deactivate the online setup for that Wells Fargo account. Nothing happens. The Deactivate button seems to react to my click. Then nothing. No error message. It just doesn't deactivate.

Running a validate and copy to a new file and running super-validate do not resolve the problem.

I suspect this is related to foolishly following Quicken's coercive recommendation in February 2020 that I better sign up with its new check writing service or forget about writing electronic checks. I quickly realized that service won't work any time soon and went back to Quicken Billpay.

But I've been on the phone a few times with Quicken support about one problem after another since then. The techs were all pretty good and after I spent a few hours with them, each new problem was successfully resolved. But the effort has been pretty wasteful for me and for Quicken.

Thankfully, Quicken realized a short time after I did that its supposedly great new idea for managing bills and checks was not fully baked and extended its deadline to switch. Hopefully, that will just be the first of many future extensions as Quicken discovers the switch is not as trivial as it first thought.

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