What Quicken default do I turn off to stop "You Have Never Downloaded Transactions?"

I have been a very long-time Quicken user and have NEVER chosen to download data. Tried it a couple of times and it was a real mess that took more time than manual entry. Today, Quicken support helped with a massive problem that required basic reinstall of the program. Now when I reconcile an account I get a message "You Have Never Downloaded Transactions." I have to tell it to reconcile without downloading and to use a paper statement. I have searched preferences and multiple web searched, but can find nothing relate to this. Any suggestions for turning off? I'd go back to Quicken support, but they're closed at the moment.


  • Tom Young
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    You might try editing the Account, selecting the Online Services tab and then clicking the Reset Account button.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I think @Chrystinp wants to click Deactivate to make the account manual.
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  • Chrystinp
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    Obviously, I am not being clear. There has never been an online transaction. I do not wish to deactivate account by account, even if I could. However, since these have never been activated, there is no apparent way to deactivate. The only options apply to people who WANT to download, such as a checkbox for reconcile using online balance. No such option to use print only.

    Since I have NEVER set up an online service, there is NO option to "reset" the account. My only options are to set up downloads and set up online payments, neither of which is something I ever plan to do.

    Thank you both for trying to help.
  • Chrystinp
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    Just got off the phone with Quicken support. They have followed the Microsoft route of changing things for all that maybe aren't going to apply to some. Bottom line is that they think everyone is using automatic functions and there is no way to tell the program you are a manual entry/reconciliation person. From now on, I have to have this minor aggravation every.single.time. I reconcile an account. Life goes on.
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