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I would suggest Quicken update the calendar to show a few days before and a few days after the current month? When entering transactions manually it is much easier to pick a date that shows instead of having to change the month. Most programs that have calendars show days before and days after.
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  • UKR
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    edited May 2020
    I concur. It would be nice if the popup calendar in the register's date column showed a few extra days around the current month, as illustrated in red here, and made them selectable:

    OTOH, I've gotten so used to inputting dates by keyboard, using all available shortcuts that I rarely use the popup calendar anymore.
    Assuming today's date is May 7th, 2020 and you are using standard US - style dates ...
    • Typing 0501 gives 5/1/2020 (type it with leading zeros for month and day)
    • Typing 123019 gives 12/30/2019 (no slashes required)
    • Typing 12011999 gives 12/01/1999 (again, no slashes required)
    • "m" gives the first day of the month
    • "h" gives the last day of the month
    • "y" gives the 1st of January of the year
    • "r" gives the 31st of December of the year
    • "w" gives this week's Sunday, 5/3
    • "k"  gives this week's Saturday, 5/9
    • "t" inputs Today's date, 5/7/2020
    • "+" advances the date by 1 day
    • "-" subtracts 1 day from the date
    • typing the same letter again advances to the next / prior interval, e.g. ww = 4/26/2020
    and I'm sure I may be forgetting one or more other keyboard date shortcuts

  • GeoDosch
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    I agree with both the above.  The calendar pop-up showing only the days in the current month is annoying.  I also try to do everything via keyboard, but what I also try to avoid is switching between mouse & keyboard, so it's still important to me that the mouse functions also work well.

    With the keyboard date shortcuts, the one that I really wish they had was the last day of the prior month.  When reconciling an account,  more often than not that's the date you need to put in for both the reconcile date, and again for the statement date when attaching it.  So what I type for the date field is "m-"; 'm' sets the date to the first of the current month, and '-' backs-up one day.  I just would like a single-key shortcut for that instead.
  • rcaruso
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    I sometime need or want to know the day of the week from the previous month. None of the shortcuts gives me that information. Really doesn't seem like a big software improvement task.