Items in checked subcategories missing in saved report but not fresh one

I have a saved report for items in categories relevant to my tax returns. This year I noticed that an item I remembered was missing; it was in a subcategory, but the report only showed items in top-level categories. A new customized Itemized Categories report turned up the missing item.


  • UKR
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    Sometimes reports saved in prior versions of Quicken do not function properly after conversion to a new version.
    Generally I recommend recreating the report from scratch, customizing it as needed and then save the report, replacing the old saved report item.
    Since you're talking about categories needed for your tax returns:
    Is the category properly defined as a taxable category, with a Tax Line Item from the list? Reports like Tax Schedule, Tax Summary, etc. should all pick up any category defined as taxable, no customization required (normally).
  • FlaSheridn
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    Ugh, thanks; for twenty years I’ve thought I could never give up on Quicken, but each compatibility failure makes it comparatively less painful to switch.
    I’m not searching by taxable status; when I bought a garbage disposal early in the millennium, I wasn’t thinking of the tax consequences.
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