Why will my Quicken software not load to my Windows 10 based desktop?

Was leaving Quicken open in its own window and had Excel open too different window. Clicked something on Excel then screen jumped to Quicken. A message dialog came up about If you do (this thing) then this (other bad thing) will happen. I don't remember what it said but it was in a dialog box and had red letters so I figure it was bad. So I made a choice (apparently the wrong one) and Quicken bailed out and cannot recover. Clicking task bar icon produces the red square looking logo but that dies and main part of Quicken never loads. Tried holding down Control key while selecting Quicken from RUN menu. Nothing happens. Tried clicking some of the red squares (qw.exe, qw.ico) in the Quicken folder in the PROGRAM FILES (X86) folder but got no Quicken start or other response. The most I can get using any procedure is the red quicken logo box pops up and then goes away like it might if the system was working normally. Any help appreciated.


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