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Upgraded from Quicken 2017 to Quicken Deluxe 2020 R26.21 Build

Only Fidelity MySmartCash (and associated Rollover 401K) and USAA Credit Card are set for downloads. I use Fidelity Billpay, not Quicken's.

In Q17 I was able to easily create split transfer from Checking into loan account and adjust split when reconciling receiving loan account. It was setup as monthly recurring transfer and I could create one-time transfers when cash-flow allowed extra payments. Loan accounts all have Asset accounts associated, i.e. BB&T (Loan) --->RV(Asset) . Loans setup as automobile loans.

Q20 is setup similarly but with some restrictions I can't overcome. Monthly recurring transfers setup by the consumer loan are listed in the Bills & Income/Income & Transfers properly. It also duplicates these transfers in the Bills & Income/Bills tab. Not sure it should appear in both. The issue I'm having is creating one-time transfers (with split) into the consumer loans as the accounts are not showing up in the Transfer To when creating the transfer transaction. The associated Asset Accounts appear but NOT the actual loan account.

How can I get the actual consumer loans to appear to transfer to? Transfer works correctly when transferring to credit card accounts but NOT consumer loans with splits. I've tried entering the consumer loan with brackets [BB&T Consumer Loan] but the account does not display the transfer or a corresponding reduction in outstanding loan due. As stated earlier, this only became an issue with the Q20 version. How can I overcome this deficiency of the missing Consumer Loans to transfer to?


  • Larry1959
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    How do I edit this post? I included personal info I prefer not to be published.
  • NotACPA
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    Your original message was edited 8 minutes after your 2nd post.
    I don't see any full email address, home address or phone numbers ... so I suspect that either a Mod or a SuperUser removed them for you.
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  • Larry1959
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    Yes I noticed it was edited a few minutes after posting...a screenshot with account numbers was removed after I sent a message.
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