Quicken Database Login

I'm a long-time Quicken user, well over two decades. But, I only became a subscriber last month, as my Quicken 2017 was expiring.

An issue I've had with the new Quicken, updated to the latest version, is that it doesn't give me a good opportunity to enter my database password to open my file. Specifically, two issues:

1) The "focus" of my cursor doesn't appear to be in the password entry field when I start Quicken, it's not blinking. It's like Q is preferring to run something else related to opening the database. Therefore typing when the field comes up does nothing until I can get the cursor focus back in that field and get it to blink.
2) Even if I do get into the field quickly, Q still times out and the "Welcome to Quicken / What is your Quicken ID?" pops up, like I don't know how to enter my password. The timing of that pop-up needs to be more delayed, but if you fix issue 1), it probably won't be happening.

Getting to be annoying.
- Jim S.


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