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I have a quicken file that has about 25-30 years of data. It contains old bank accounts, investment accounts, asset accounts, etc that are no longer used, intermixed with the accounts I currently use. I can either delete these old accounts (which are currently hidden) within the file to trim it down, or simply create a new file with the accounts I currently use, either copied over from the old, or moved over from the old file (not sure if you can copy an account in Quicken - have only seen a means to move them, not copy them). I would like to preserve all the information as it currently stands (old and new) in some way , but would also like to know what would be the best way to separate the old information from the new moving forward. Any thoughts appreciated.

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  • rjm
    rjm Member ✭✭
    Try File, File Operations, Copy. You can copy the file and delete data prior to x date. Several options. Be sure to back up before you experiment.
  • Doug Dubowski
    Doug Dubowski Member ✭✭
    Thanks. What happens if I simply delete old accounts that are no longer active from the file (after the file is backed up)? If there is a transaction from a current account going into an old account that is deleted, what happens to that transaction in the current account? Is it affected in any way (like is it deleted because the transaction to or from the deleted account is affected by the deletion?)?
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    FWIW, once you split up a Quicken data file, it's not easy to put it back together again.
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  • Doug Dubowski
    Doug Dubowski Member ✭✭
    Ok, I get the hints. I will leave it as is. The file is now over 100 MB, so I thought a trimming might improve the database's performance
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