When Quicken starts SOMETIMES all the investment accounts are missing. How do I fix?

Windows 10 latest Quicken Version. Also have the sign in request for Quicken ID problem. Might have to start Quicken several times to get it to load all accounts.


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    Hello @Rjm


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. That is quite odd. When this happens is it loading the correct file? Do you see anything odd happens when it loads correctly vs incorrectly? 

    For the quicken ID problem is it repeatedly asking you to sign in on a small box?  If that's the issue generally we just need to sign in and sign out. 

    Across the top go to edit -> Preferences. On the left column select Quicken ID & Cloud accounts

    Once here you'll see a button that says sign in as a different user. (You may get the pop up box for signing in again. If you do you can keep closing them.)

    Go ahead and sign out and then sign back in afterwards. This should fix it from asking repeatedly now. 

    Once you do get a chance us know how it goes!




    Quicken Francisco

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    By the way I could not replay to your noreply email as I found out after spending a lot of time on composing the email. You should note that your email said I could reply to this email.

    Yes I do check that I have the correct file. I have backup copies of the file and I do make sure I am not using one of them. I have also validated and repaired the file. No help. I have been using the product for probably 25+ years so it is large -190,000KB. Quicken does load very slowly.

    Sometimes I go to the data file and click it and this opens Quicken. Works some times but not all.

    I am also told to download a new copy of Quicken when I get the sign in request but I have not done that. I abort when I do click on the download and then reconsider.

    I did see the community file on signing on (what you just suggested) and did do that a day or two ago. To soon to tell if that is working but I my guess is that it is going to solve the problem.

    But as I type this email I have a message from trying to start Quicken (clicked on the Quicken icon to start) that Quicken can not open the data file. I have gotten this before but not offen. I had to use the task manager to terminate Quicken and I then clicked on the data file and Quicken loaded correctly.
    Since doing the sign in, I got this error message for the first time COULD NOT SET UP CATAGORIES. The file loaded and open without any investment accounts. Closed and reran and all was ok.
    By the way I had a few accounts going to the cloud but since the opening was so slow I stop the use of the cloud.
    It seems that for the last year or two I do have more problems and can not download Fidelity’s credit card (Elan https://card.myaccountaccess.com/credit/welcome.do). Bank America is also a problem and TD Bank was for a few months. The program does a poor job of matching transfers. I am not always asked if the dollar amount is the same for both accounts.

    Bob Melzer
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