quicken changes previously reconciled accounts

Quicken is changing already reconciled months in my bank accounts ... I am not using the connect-to-my-bank online feature. Sometimes an entire month appears unreconciled when I've previously done it.


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    Hello @billbfv


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize this is happening to you. Is there any sort of similarities for this happening? Something like a specific time frame or is it at random? 

    There's 2 ways to go about getting the transactions back to a reconciled state. The first being loading a backup of your file that should have all the transactions back in their previous state. If the back up is from a couple of days you would likely need to put some newer ones back in again. If you're unsure how to do this I've linked an article above that will guide you on loading a backup.

    The second method would be if the accounts still have the correct balances is for us to quickly change those transactions that aren't marked reconciled anymore. 

    Click on the column header labeled CLR

     Next click on the first transaction that needs to be cleared. They should still be in a date order which helps find which ones shouldn't be reconciled just yet. Find the first transaction that should be reconciled and click on it. Next find the last transaction that should be reconciled on your list. Hold SHIFT on your keyboard and click on the last transaction. This should highlight everything inbetween the first and last transaction. From here right click anywhere in the highlighted area and select reconcile status-> Reconciled. This will put them back in a reconciled state.

    This should help you out with getting the account sorted out again. Please let us know how it goes and the other details when you get a chance.




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    Thanks, Francisco, for your quick reply. I have not yet seen a pattern to this problem -- but will make more of an effort to spot it. I think it's been happening for some time.

    For example, yesterday I went to reconcile the current month's bank statement and discovered that the statements for Jan, Feb, March & April were all missing specific charges that had been previously reconciled. Since I print out a hard copy of each month's bank statement with a note on when it was reconciled, I could see that errors had been introduced into each month.

    I am wondering whether it is possible to run Quicken without constantly my computer connecting to the Quicken website in the background? I suspect this is the source of these problems.

    I am not using quicken to auto update to any of my bank accounts -- so I would prefer to just run everything manually on my computer without connecting back to the web at any time. There have been many hacks during the past few years via large companies. So I'm not comfortable having all my financial data available within the Quicken website. It just seems dangerous to me with no upside from my point of view.

    Is this possible? How would I do this? Would I have to disconnect my computer from the web before running Quicken? Is there an easier way?

    Thanks again for your help.
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