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View Layout

I'd like to better control the layout of the views on my home screen.

For example:
I have the net worth report which I like to be at 100% width
Below that I have the All Accounts report which I like to be at 50% width.
Next to the All Accounts report I would like to have the Income YTD report also at 50% width.
I'd like to have the credit card accounts report appear below the All Accounts report and also be at 50% width.
Since the All Accounts report is very tall, I would like the credit card accounts and income YTD both next to the All Accounts report.


Net Worth
All Account | Income YTD
All Account | ------------------
All Account | Credit Account

I think this can be accomplished by specifying a preferred width for each report say 100%, 50% or 33%.

Then also having a checkbox which indicates the report can be stacked in a column next to another similarly (width) sized report.

Having the ability to drag and drop these reports would be ideal as well.
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  • smcrowsmcrow Member
    I have to customize my view about every 3rd login. Really flustrating.
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