Allow to filter by security holding is zero (fully sold) or more than zero (currently held)

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As of now, I have to manually save a report and customize it to include securities where my holding is zero (fully sold) or more than zero (currently held) to find performance for securities.

One thing where not much human or personal interpretation is involved as Quicken can easily allow to include / exclude securities where what is available is zero or more than zero in customized saved investment reports. Instead Quicken allows filtering securities by alphabets that are included in security name which I have not found useful at all till today.
What I HAVE (Currently held) and What I HAD (Fully Sold).

For what I HAVE, I can plan and do something about it i.e. continue to hold, book profit / loss etc. or switch to something else. This is where I can find different kind of reports useful.

For what I DO NOT HOLD, I cannot do anything about it now or in future as it is not available with me now.

However, including ALL these transactions in the overall performance will mostly skew the report one way or the other.
If the transactions which I have fully sold have given me phenomenal performance in the past, it will skew the overall performance on the higher side.
If the transactions which I have fully sold have given me huge losses,  it will skew the overall performance on the lower side.
Same is true for Currently held securities also.

So ability to analyze Currently held / Fully sold separately definitely helps.

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  • MangoMan
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    I can appreciate the pain you are going through. Sometimes it seems like all the data is right there and available in Quicken, but they don't have the right options available in customizing reports to do what you want.

    I think what you want to be able to do is look at missed opportunities, having perhaps sold a stock too early, which is not intuitively what the average investor should be doing. I also do some offline spreadsheets since I can't do what I want in Quicken all the time. I have found the "Stock Connector" add in very useful in Excel for seeing current prices and giving me alerts.

    My biggest pet peeve in Quicken is trying to figure out a way to give me a quick report that shows how many shares of a single stock I have in various accounts, be they taxable, IRA, Roth, etc. so I can understand my total exposure to a company.
  • Jim_Harman
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    It seems that both of these requests could at least partially be handled by the Investing > Portfolio views.

    These views default to only showing your currently-held securities. You can see all securities including those you no longer hold by clicking the gear at the top right and selecting Show closed lots.

    If you group the view by security it shows all your holdings for each security. If you group by account, it shows where everything is held.

    You can see various performance measures. The ones I find most useful are the 1/3/5 year Avg Annual Return (%) columns, which show the same IRR data as the Investing Performance Report.

    You can print or export these views by hitting Ctrl-P or going to File > Print portfolio
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  • UKR
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    your message's signature footer indicates
    "Quicken 2012 Premier on Windows 10 (Quicken User since Quicken 1998)".
    If that is correct, you are running on an unsupported version of Quicken.
    As much as I agree with your request to enhance the available reports in Quicken for Windows, I'm afraid you will never see those enhancements appear in your old, retired Q 2012. Quicken, if it decides to do so, will only make these enhancements available in future versions of Quicken Subscription.

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