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Utilize existing biller systems

I've been trying to utilize the "new Quicken Bill Pay" system for 2 months now. It is not going well! The new system is unreliable and is more complicated than the previous system that utilized Metevante. - moreover the transition has not been smooth.

Among the problems I have experienced so far is online billers "falling off the list of Quicken supported vendors" (ComEd and AT&T) and having to re-establish them in Quicken, billers that charge an additional fee (Nicor $3), incompatibility between billers electronic systems and my PC running W10 / Microsoft Edge (Trugreen) and the fact that I cannot schedule when I want the bills to be paid. Moreover the new system does not appear to take advantage of the fact that I have already set up monthly "due dates" for these bills in "Manage Bills and Income Reminders" tool. These are important issues for me. I have recently spent a lot of my time trying to resolve them. I maintain my relationship with Quicken Bill Pay - new which has had none of these problems in the many years I have used it.

It appears to me that the online billers fail to update their billing information to Quicken whereas they are very prompt and reliable sending me an email about 3 weeks before the bill is due.

Here is my suggestion. I update the "new bill information" whenever I get an email from the biller in ""Manage Bills and Income Reminders" tool in Quicken. Utilize that information in the "Bills & Income" presentation instead of the useless message "Awaiting next bill". When the information does become available to Quicken via the biller set a flag and compare it with what has been entered in the Manage Bills and Income Reminders tool. Then launch a "pay the bill" dialog a day or two before the due date. Such a system takes advantage of the billers already existing systems, keeps me "in the loop", and automatically incorporates a backup system for me to react in the event of a "billing glitch" in Quicken.

Alternatively, keep the present system in place which works reliably until you have all the bugs worked out of the new system.

Paul Smith
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  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    "'Alternatively, keep the present system in place which works reliably until you have all the bugs worked out of the new system. "
    Not possible past 8/30.  Metavante is discontinuing the product.

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