Scheduling bills in advance

I frequently try to handle bills over the weekend, by scheduling payments for certain date. For example, if I want to schedule a bill to be paid next Thursday.
But with Bill Manager, it seems that it will pay it *today*. I can change the amount, but can't change the date.

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  • mrfearless47
    mrfearless47 Member ✭✭
    Is there any assurance that this feature - scheduling payments that have variable due dates - will be fully implemented before the current Quicken Bill Pay by Metavante is phased out at the end of August. This is crucial for me and is the ONLY reason I use Quicken for Mac.
  • DJMark
    DJMark Member
    I signed up about 4-5 months ago and was not able to get Bill Pay.. The only choice I was given is Bill Manager and it stinks! 🙁
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