Blank Payees do not show up on report

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When I run a transaction report and segregate the rows by payee, items with blank payees are not included it the report even if they meet all other criteria. Before you ask, the payees are blank because they are interest payments that are automatically downloaded into an investment account. I know that I can segregate the rows by another attribute, e.g. category, and the transactions will appear. The point is that I won't even know those transactions are there from the initial report. It would be much better if it treated a blank field that you are seperating rows by as it's own separator. That is, show all the transactions for "blank". So, does anyone know if there's a report setting that allows you to accumulate blank transactions as their own line items?
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This was implemented in the past release. Reports offer the option to select "No Payee" when customizing.


  • John_in_NC
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    There isn't a report setting regarding blank payees. This is not a common situation-you are the first to ask.

    I think you would make your life easier to correct the blank Payee/Payor field by adding the respective one.
  • RickO
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    To give a payee name to all the old ones:

    1. Sort the register by payee name (click the Payee column header) to get them all together
    2. Select them all
    3. Click menu File > Get Info
    4. Enter an appropriate payee name in the Payee field
    5. Click OK
    This will batch-rename the old ones. Then you just have to rename the new ones as they come in. I don't think Payee Renaming Rules will help in this regard since you can't have a blank matching criteria in a renaming rule.
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  • Minebrook
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    Thank you for the response. While updating all transactions to modify the payee is certainly doable, it's not really the point. In fact, there are a few workarounds once you've identified that the items are missing from the report.

    The transactions are automatically downloaded without a payee field which actually makes some sense since they are interest charges within an account. Having to manually update them later seems to obviate the benefit of automatic downloads.

    So, I guess I'm asking for a feature to be added. Does anyone know the process for getting a feature request to quicken?
  • RickO
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    As John indicated, it is a very rare thing for an FI to send transactions with the payee blank. In fact, it may violate the QFX standard. In  my accounts, interest charges and credits always come in with a payee such as "Interest Credit", etc.

    I'll ask the moderators if they'd like to turn this post into an Idea topic, which is how it gets voted on by the community.
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    Hello @Minebrook,

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the Community!

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