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Updating transactions in Vaguard brokerage accouunt

I created a brokerage account at Vanguard two years ago. I hold only one mutual fund in it, and my only transactions are periodic, automatic dividend and capital gains reinvestments, plus very occasional sell and withdraw transactions. Because I neglected to update transactions after initially setting up the brokerage account in Quicken, my recent download left out some transactions (because Vanguard limits downloaded transactions to 18 months). Since I do not have so many transactions, I am OK with manually updating. But I don't quite understand how. When I entered transactions manually (by just looking at a printed out account activity, I discovered that "ReinvDiv" did not sweep back the dividends into the mutual fund account. This left me with a positive cash balance, when my actual cash balance is zero. In other words, ReinvDiv bought new shares of the mutual fund, but did not subtract a similar amount from my cash account (or sweep account, which is Vanguard Federal Money Market Account). I did not set up a separate money market account.

I also noticed that some sales of shares were categorized by Vanguard as SoldX, which I don't think is correct. So I reverted to a backup to start over again.

How do I enter reinvestments and sales/withdrawals to make my investment account accurate?

Quicken Premier for Windows
Year: 2020
Version: R26.21

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  • Timothy Myers
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    Thanks very much, you have been very helpful!
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