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Edit single transaction of a recurrent series

Sometimes it is needed to be able to edit a single transaction in the future of a recurrent series. When you have different non-monthly charges (once a quarter, every other month, etc.) in a credit card, you need the ability to change the amount to be paid to that credit card in the future. Again, because you can only modify the first upcoming payment, this result in a wrong picture of the cash flow in both accounts, the credit card to reflect and plan for the debt reduction and also the cash flow on the source account of the payment.

The workaround is to plan for these transactions and enter them one by one. Painful and not the best way to do it. This is a feature that MS Money had (has) in their product that works like a charm
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  • bmciance
    bmciance SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you only need to edit one then just change the reminder to start with the 2nd payment and enter the first as a single payment.  I do this every year with my car insurance.  The first payment is always less than the remaining payments because there is a dividend applied to it.  I enter the first as a one time payment and then the remaining payments as monthly recurring.  Not really a problem.
  • joengr
    joengr Member
    True... but that applies only to the next one... imagine if you have to do this for every different payment every month. for example, my trash service charges every 3 months, 2nd property electricity bill is every 2nd month, and so on... I know you can set different recurring payments for when the scheduled charges are the same, but again, not the best way to do this.

    Ideally, it would be best to schedule your credit card the same day of the month every month and simply change the amount on any given month needed.
  • bmciance
    bmciance SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    But you don’t find out that new amount until it is the next payment.  I just change the amount of the next payment.  Not a problem. 

    As for credit cards, there is a way to have it use your current balance.   That generally works perfectly for me.  
  • joengr
    joengr Member
    Yep... all these are tips on how to do things. I believe this forum is for enhancements. Ans also, wrong, I know about the upcoming charges well in advance. Like property taxes for next year, like promotional balances on a credit card. That is another example... assume I have a promo balance transfer in a CC that is to be paid in 12 months. Usually you can split the payments equally, how about paying more than the equal amount (or less) on any given month.

    All this is about planning, based on the cash flow, so, the more reason to ask for flexibility on how to do things. Everyone has their own ways of doing/planning for their finances.

    Thank you anyway for suggesting how YOU do things.
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    @joengr When a thread is created as an Idea you will see the box at the top to vote on it.  This is how Quicken inc is taking suggestions.  And also how they judge the interest in that idea.  At present not a single person has voted for this idea.  Given that users throw out tons ideas they would like to see it is highly unlikely that Quicken Inc is going to implement something that no one even votes on.

    So a practical matter other customers are just trying to help by telling you how they do it.
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  • joengr
    joengr Member
    Got it... thank you. So, in today's world we all need to adjust to the 'social media' environment. If an idea doesn't have enough 'likes' then the business will simply ignore it.

    Interesting enough.

    I do understand that people express they ways on accomplishing things and their suggestions. Practically speaking, I've tried different approaches to my problem and found that none can solve what I need.

    Fair enough, that if my issue is just one in a million, the company would simply either, not address it or have it on a very low priority list.
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