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Discontinuation of Quicken Bill Pay

In the new Bills & Income tab, I successfully set up the Payment Account (my checking account), and have linked to Biller's sites. I have been receiving bills and paying them within the Bills & Income tab.

My checking account in the Accounts List continues to be linked to "Quicken Bill Pay". Is this correct, or should I unlink the checking account from "Quicken Bill Pay" now that Bill Manager is established?


  • NotACPA
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    edited May 2020
    You might want to stay on BillPay for as long as you can.  As I understand it, there are more features there and there have been some issues with BillManager.
    Search for BillManager in the box at the top of this forum for more info.
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  • jrich75
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    NotACPA said:
    > You might want to stay on BillPay for as long as you can.

    I would agree.  Quicken BillPay and Bill Manger can co-exist and until scheduling is added to Quick Pay (will they change the name?) and Check Pay, I find I use the traditional BillPay option for most billers.  I do try to use the Bill Manager payment options whenever they fit my need and to see how the payments actually occur on my billers web sites.  If anyone in development actually monitors this community website,  Bill Manager should become more user friendly before BillPay goes away in August.
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