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Quicken nagware: please make a non-nagware Quicken Light

Chad115Chad115 Member ✭✭
I use Quicken 2017, and I couldn't wait for the "renew now or your downloading capabilities will expires" messages to go away. I have never and will never use any downloading features of Quicken. I consider it poor accounting practices to take such a hands-off approach in my finances. I prefer to reconcile my accounts manually so I know exactly what is going on, I catch fraud very quickly, etc. Any accounting textbook will validate this point of view.

The expiration time came and went, and much to my dismay, the advertisements are now even worse than before. I'd still be using Quicken 2008 (which didn't have nagging constant advertisements) if it weren't for Quicken's own employees wrongly telling me that a bug that was in the 2008 software would be fixed if I upgraded. I upgraded all the way to 2017 and discarded my 2008 software (shame on me for placing so much trust in Quicken), I started all of my registers over with brand new files, and after a few months I discovered the problem was still there.

I feel totally misled, and it is just plain wrong for me to have to deal with these nagging messages now (for software that, for my own purposes, is exactly the same as the 2008 version I used... bugs and all... except the 2017 version takes about 4 times longer to load than the 2008 version did because it's so loaded with features I don't want or need) when the only reason I upgraded in the first place was because Quicken told me it was the only way to fix the bug.

And let's be clear: this message is about Quicken nagware and Quicken employees telling everyone to upgrade no matter what the issue is, even when upgrading doesn't fix the issue. This message is not about the bug. Look at past posts of mine if you want to engage with me about the bug itself.

I always try to include suggestions with my complaints, so here is my suggestion: Come out with a Quicken Light software package that has no ability to download anything from anywhere. Get rid of graphs and charts, get rid of add-on services, planning, maybe even get rid of bill reminders. Get rid of whatever you want. But keep the ability to manually input transactions into checking, savings, and credit card accounts. Keep the ability to manually reconcile each month. Keep the ability to print reports. Most importantly, this Light version would NOT be a subscription-based model. Either that or the Light version is $5 per year since the customer is only using it to enter like 3K of data per month... or maybe $20 for 3 years at the very most. Charging any more over-values both the complexity and the purpose of the software, and I will not subscribe to it. I can do all of what I describe using Excel if I really want to. I haven't been motivated enough to do it myself, but if this nagware doesn't chill out dramatically very soon, it may just happen.


  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Put simply. "Ain't gonna happen"
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription,  Home & Business
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  • Chad115Chad115 Member ✭✭
    Can you give me the more complicated version? Is it not going to happen because it's an unreasonable suggestion, or is it not going to happen because Quicken doesn't care about making their supporters happy?
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