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Why was the software released without a conversion of the current Bill Pay payees?

Again, as in my last question / comment about the lack of future scheduling for Check Pay, it would have been appreciated to have the current payees for Bill Pay to be automatically converted for Check Pay instead of having to enter each one individually. More of a nuisanse...need the archectects to consider the impact on users.


  • Chris_QPW
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    I think you might want to consider what the impact of your request would be on the users.

    Let's face it, Quicken Inc has got themselves in a bind.  They are scrambling to try to change over from the old system which is going away to this new system. Not only are they having problems just getting it to work for basic payments, they are scrambling to try to get in the functions for future payments before the contract of the old bill system goes away.  They are clearly hard pressed to even getting this done.

    And you want them to take out time to write something that somehow extracts the information needed from the old system and then automatically setup and in the new system. That alone is a very big (and most likely error prone) request.

    So basically at this point you are asking them to stop trying to fix the current system or get the future payment system working and work on transferring the payees to the new system to save you that time.
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    By the way I am on MAC and not Windows although I see the latest posts here. I think Quicken, while they already delayed the cutover is in no way near ready to change over to Bill Manager. Until you can set a date in the future, recurring payments etc as well as import your existing payees without the connection error rates people are seeing, that they need to reschedule this. The "future payment system" is not about saving me time. I can do that directly with any of my banks now. I had chosen to do it for many many years through Quicken. While I appreciate they may have gotten themselves into a bind it is their bind to fix and not their users. Else offer a free year of subscription to compensate. This is one of the most essential features of Quicken. Who else takes such a step backward? If I have to reenter all my payees and give up these features what is my allegiance to Quicken vs. others? I have been a beta user. Where was/is the beta users buy-in on this loss of features or even an evaluation of it. Pay the piper Quicken!
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