Add Advisor Client (TD Ameritrade)

I would like to request adding Advisor Client with TD Ameritrade to the list of supported institutions.
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Requests to add support for new financial institutions need to be made to the financial institution directly.


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  • John Hale
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    Although I have Quicken Windows, what has changed in Quicken? Previously, I have a TD Ameritrade Institutional (Advisor Client) account and I was able to download information from TD Ameritrade, but now there is an error in that connection.
  • Dkwong1010
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    I would also like this feature. I currently manually put the information in. Would like to have this link please.
  • PLEASE make them link!
  • tucano340
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    Ditto. Please make Quicken link with TD Ameritrade Advisor Client. My accounts are enabled at TD Ameritrade. This feature did work in the past. Several times I've followed instructions given by a tech at TD Ameritrade to delete and re-establish the account. After resetting the account, the download worked one time. After that, I could no longer connect.
  • Franzinator
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    Please add TD Ameritrade Advisor Client. This site represents all TD clients that use an advisor for portfolio management. This is TD's institutional site.
  • jacobs
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    Quicken can't and won't add any financial institution that doesn't sign on  to partner with Quicken which includes paying an annual fee to Intuit (Quicken's former parent company, which still handles connectivity services under contract for Quicken). 

    For anyone who wants to see this (or any other) financial institution added to Quicken, you should request/lobby TD Ameritrade to add support for Quicken for their advisor clients. There is sometimes finger-pointing between Quicken and a financial institution, but ultimately, it falls to the financial institution to sign on with Quicken (Intuit). If they hear from enough of their customers requesting them to support Quicken, they might do it; we've seen many such success stories as a result of customer lobbying. It's even possible that TD Ameritrade's existing participation with Quicken/Intuit is intended to cover the Advisor Client connectivity, but it needs to be called to their attention that it currently does not.
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    I just tried speaking to TDA Institutional and they are clueless. They say that their access to connect is simply to switch on access to individual accounts using your account number and last four of ssn. I have three IRA accounts and had to delete one and reestablish it within Quicken. Two of these accounts under my wife's name were forced to reconnect and this forced me to accept the "simple" ...."Quicken Connect" method for BOTH accounts. So one account that was reestablished plus another account that had been fine were now both not able to see transactions. I have a third IRA account under my name that still uses "Direct Connect" and so I can see transactions. [Removed - Speculation]