Add Advisor Client (TD Ameritrade)

I would like to request adding Advisor Client with TD Ameritrade to the list of supported institutions.
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  • kinseattle
    kinseattle Member ✭✭
  • mikering
    mikering Member
  • John Hale
    John Hale Member ✭✭
    Although I have Quicken Windows, what has changed in Quicken? Previously, I have a TD Ameritrade Institutional (Advisor Client) account and I was able to download information from TD Ameritrade, but now there is an error in that connection.
  • Dkwong1010
    Dkwong1010 Unconfirmed, Member
    I would also like this feature. I currently manually put the information in. Would like to have this link please.
  • SaraBGold
    SaraBGold Member
    PLEASE make them link!
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