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Export Summary Budget CSV with Quarterly, Month-to-Month, By Month, Weekly, Daily options.


I have a suggestion for Quicken. When I go to export my Budget, it only gives two options which are to either export the "Full Budget CSV" or to export the "Summary Budget CSV."

I love the format the Summary Budget gives when put into excel, but it only gives the yearly numbers. It would be beneficial to have a summary report by month, so if only wanted a report for May or I wanted a Summary Report by quarter, I can get a report for April, May, June along with the totals for the year.

I also believe it would be beneficial to have columns breaking down the budget into weeks and/or days. So when it I open it up in an excel sheet, I can see different columns for each.

For example: If I want to budget $400/month for groceries. The Summary report would show one daily column ($13.33), one weekly column ($100), one monthly column ($400), and the yearly column ($4,800).

This would be incredibly beneficial when creating my forecasting.
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