Adding Chase account to Bills in Quicken fails

Hi, I'm having trouble with connecting my Chase account to the bill service. Logging in to my account works and I receive my 2-factor authentication method from Chase, but in Quicken, the dialog to enter the response never appears.

Other bank accounts with 2FA work in my instance of Quicken and Chase seems to work for the regular transaction logs. Just not for the Bill reminder portion


  • Quicken Julio
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    Hi @AzureX,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    I would like to gather some more information to better assist you:

    Which Bill Service you trying to use? Bill Manager? Online Bill Pay with Chase?

    Are you trying to create a Bill Reminder or add a Bill to pay online through Quicken?

    Responding with this additional information will give us better insight with the issue and the next steps to take. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • AzureX
    AzureX Member
    I have Quicken Deluxe, so I only want to see my Chase bills in quicken, not to pay the bills through quicken.

    I'm a little confused about the different services, but this issue occurs when adding (or trying to update) Chase Bills from the Bills&Income->Bills Page
  • briankennedy
    briankennedy Member ✭✭
    I am also seeing this same issue on Quicken Premier (Mac). I was able to successfully add my Chase accounts by clicking the add button and selecting credit card and then from there, selecting Chase. When I switch over to the "Bills & Income" tab and try to add the chase accounts, I never get the input to enter my 2FA code and then errors out with a login timeout.
  • nothingclever
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    I am having the same issue with Chase account. I am able to add it to my account list, but unable to add it to the bills. Not sure what the issue is. I am assuming you are also a premier user?
  • briankennedy
    briankennedy Member ✭✭
    After speaking with a support agent for about an hour about the issue they concluded that I needed to contact Chase because it was something on their end. I told them that didn't make sense since multiple people were having this issue and seemed to be on the Quicken side and that would mean every user would have to contact Chase having this problem. I got no response from that.
  • nothingclever
    nothingclever Member ✭✭
    I was also on the phone with them and they claimed that it has been known and they will be "working on it". All my other bills connect, so I am sure it's because of Quicken. Hope it gets resolved.
  • leonard-mac2
    leonard-mac2 Member
    I am have been having same issue with Chase and quicken billing reminders.
  • MaximusGS
    MaximusGS Member
    I am trying to add a Chase Marriott account to Quicken Bill Manager. I am asked to enter my login information and to select a method to receive a security code. I choose to receive by text, and receive the code. However, the Quicken never provides the opportunity to enter the code. Instead after a few minutes of 'Authentication In Progress', a new window appears stating 'Biller Added. Waiting for latest update.' This has been happening for days and I am unable to update this account or use Quick Pay to make my payment.
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