doing backups

Are there issing doing backups to flashdrives or to drop box locations. I get black screens during backups.


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    The "black screen" is caused by poor programming, and Quicken getting busy.

    When Quicken gets busy (like doing your backup) it can't properly refresh its screen the result is the black screen you see.

    But note that doesn't mean that Quicken isn't doing the backup or such that should still "be fine".
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    You should usually see a "Backup Complete" message - unless you turn it off...
    Also, a good idea to manually perform a backup, so you know you have it.

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    There are no issues saving backups to flash drives or Dropbox folders.  

    Regarding the flash drive, be certain to eject the drive before physically removing it.

    Regarding Dropbox, be certain to allow the Dropbox sync to complete.
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