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I am developing a program to import TSP transactions into Quicken

Hello all,

I have been frustrated that TSP, the retirement plan for Federal Government employees, does not provide any support for downloading into Quicken. I tried to follow the most standard path others have taken and tried to manually add transactions. That gets old in a hurry!

So ... I have been busy developing a simple Python-based script that processes a CSV file of transactions and generates a qif file that can be easily imported into Quicken. It took some learning about the qif format but my preliminary version has been working flawlessly!

I also created a qif for importing all the TSP funds and that has worked without a hitch.

I need to harden the program a little bit more, so it can handle exceptions gracefully. I also need to test importing the security prices that are available on another site (still haven't researched that in detail yet). The current version is also limited in features and handles only contributions and buy transactions. I will be adding support for sells, transfers, and distributions.

So, if you are interested in helping me test this program and make it better, please let me know. I will write up a detail set of "how to" instructions and will be happy to share them and the program.



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