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I cannot add Verizon Residential to my Online Bills

Verizon Residential and Verizon Wireless recently merged their customer websites. I was required establish a single username and password to access my online bill information through their website. Quicken's online bill structure seems to be having difficulty with that. I've now removed both of my entries from Quicken's Online Bills and attempted to add them. Adding Verizon Wireless works well. Unfortunately, Verizon Residential does not work. Whenever I attempt to set it up, the entry in the Online Bills list states that bills are not available - Try Again. Unfortunately, trying again just doesn't work. I've resorted to simply removing my Verizon Residential billing entry from the Online Bill list.

The URL that is being utilized by Quicken to access my bills for Verizon Residential appears to be incorrect.

Anyone else having difficulty with this?


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