Capital One card service not downloading transactions

When I sync to capitalone, I get a successfull sync message, but no transations are actually downloading. Tried to call Quicken support but they were unable to help, only said to try again in a week.

I have been have this issue for several weeks now, have attempted to reset the account, deactive and reactive, all to no avail.

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  • AdolphG
    AdolphG Member ✭✭
    Francisco, thanks. I can confirm I am using Express Web Connect +. I was left disappointed after the initial call, in that the advice was try again later, but this has been an ongoing issues.

    I will call back Tuesday, Thanks for input/advice
  • AdolphG
    AdolphG Member ✭✭
    Francisco, I tried calling back today as requested. The person who responded was very polite, but sadly did not help resolve the issue. The best he could tell me was I need to resolve with my local IT support (which I assume is my IP provider).

    A bit frustrating that I can not update my Capital One account
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