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Register out of sync after one step update to send bill

Started Quicken today and it updated to 2020 R26.23. Did my usual routine to pay some bills. One step update then reported that there were errors with the new online payments, which is the usual rejection that my schedule payment date is too late. Now, normally I would just change the schedule date out further and re-update. However, this time, I started to get some weird errors and my register is now incorrect. On the re-scheduled payment, I get the usual online check number from the bank (under Check# column), but on the ones that didn't error on the first update now just say "Send" with no lightning mark next to it.

I tried to update several more times with no success in getting an online check #. Tried file Repair & Validate, which now found those with "Send" status as out of sync. But now when I run One Step update, my bank is rejecting them as duplicates.

Please help. I recently was forced to move from Quicken 2017 to this new 2020 and my gawd, it has been a disaster with issues.


  • Khoa N. Nguyen
    Khoa N. Nguyen Member ✭✭
    I think I fixed my own issues. I changed the dates on the one with "Send" status (either up one day or back one day, as long as they are different), then do online update. The transactions are now updated to a new online check number. Crossing my fingers that this doesn't result in duplicated payments.
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