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Category in the Transactions Inspector

It would be awesome if the Category field were in the Transactions Inspector. That way I could cruse through with the up and down arrows to see if Quicken put the download transactions in the right category. The category field as is only shows the last category so two categories with the same name (i.e. one for my wife, one for me, and one for my business) I am not certain about without clicking command+i on every single transaction.

Just coming from Windows I could see all of this right in the Category field without opening a new window.
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  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    At first, I thought it seemed like a simple omission, and I was amazed this hadn't been raised before. But I realized that the issue is more complicated because of splits: how would it show the categories (and respective amounts) for splits?

    It currently does this for tags by punting": it simply shows "…" next to Tag if there's a split. So perhaps they could do the same for Category. That would be an improvement, and would address the issue for all downloaded transactions, which are not split. 

    (But I'm sure some people would want them to go farther and come up with a way of showing the split in the Inspector. ;) )
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  • mybank2002mybank2002 Member ✭✭
    Good point you bring up. Though it would be nicer if multiple fields showed up in that case.

    I would be okay if splits just showed up with "Multiple Category" or "Split" or - or * to indicate that there is more than one. I would want to be able in splits to quickly see what the full path is to be safe though if I clicked on it.
  • mybank2002mybank2002 Member ✭✭
    edited 7:20AM
    One thing I missed in preferences that I thought I had selected under Register> Display Long Names (e.g. Food & Dining:Fast Food). It reads "reports and registers:" and for some reason, I only read that as reports. Seeing the full path in the registers is extremely helpful. I'd still love this suggestion to happen if I wanted to consolidate things but this preference is even better for me since I can see things at a distance. Thanks Quicken team!

    As of now, my only major beef is being able to save column views and widths and apply them to all similar accounts. I love that I can change multiple selections at once on a Mac, that always drove me nuts on Windows. Overall I am very glad I changed to Mac finally. Though quite a bit of a brain change for me after all these years I really like the way you reconcile on a Mac in Quicken over Windows.

    These, of course, are for other threads. Just saying well done though Quicken team for Mac.
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