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Toolbar ICONs for Reports, Reports, and more Reports

I load up my Quicken Toolbar with lots of various Reports, and Report Folders. Right now my Quicken Toolbar is showing the same ICON again and again and again, side by side by side. So there's no way I can just have the Quicken Toolbar in ICONs only mode obviously since it uses the same ICON for any Report or Report Folder you add to the Quicken Toolbar.

There are all the various ICONs already built into Quicken for the other Available Toolbar buttons, and even the ICONs on the Report Toolbars themselves, not to mention other ICONs throughout Quicken like the Pie Graph ICON and others.

I would like the ability to select a different ICON from any of the ICONs already built into the Quicken application when putting Reports or Report Folders on the Quicken Toolbar instead of the one ICON for all Reports as it is now.
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