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Quicken desktop works fine, why is Mobile always broken?

It's been over a year now, and Quicken Mobile still appears to be worthless.

All my accounts on desktop sync. All of my accounts are added to the mobile sync. And yet

1. It complains that 5 of my accounts need attention every time I open the app (they all sync perfectly fine). And says "swipe to fix" but there are no swipe actions in the IOS app for any accounts.

2. Recurring transactions I deleted from desktop stay showing on mobile, years after they were removed

3. Transactions I've edited or approved on desktop show both the fixed and the original on mobile

I have under Quicken's direction completely cleared out the mobile and done a full reset twice now. Upon sync every one of the exact same problems appear, so they are 100% repeatable

A financial app that shows me the wrong answers is worse that useless, it's dangerous.


  • JoRhettJoRhett Member ✭✭
    oh, and two of my accounts won't sync because they say the password is incorrect. The password is fine, there is nothing wrong with the password. It syncs to the desktop just fine.

    I've even changed it on the vendor site and resynced here. My vendor shows every attempted login to my account, so I know for a fact it's not actually contacting the vendor (Citibank)... but here's the key. I download and sync from the desktop every day. Why does it refuse to sync from the desktop to the mobile interface because it claims it can't login to the vendor site.

    I don't want two completely separate logins to my bank accounts. Twice the brokenness for zero the fun! Just sync up what my desktop has so I can see it on the app... but no, it refuses to do that.

    I'm not trying to rant... but WTF. Is there anyone here who knows better than Quicken support how to make this crap work?
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