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OneStep does Duplicate Downloads when Quicken Starts Up

When I start Quicken and do a One-Step Update, every transaction for the last 60 or so days downloads and I have to accept them all or delete the exist items. If I do subsequent OneStep Updates in a Quicken session that I leave running, I get only the net new items coming in (which is like it has always worked until recently). This is Quicken Premiere 2020 Windows - Up to Date R26.23 , running on Win10. The support online is unable to assist since they cannot 'see' the issue and have nothing in their scripts to handle it. But as a developer, this feels as if on close some 'pointers' are not being stored, or during the start up sequence, Quicken is not bringing them in - so on every start up, we're presented a list of every single thing you've done -- all tagged as 'match'. I can Accept All for everything except a brokerage account that does not send valid Download IDs. But it's the hassle that I have to touch 14 accounts every single time when I really only had downloads against three.

If someone is having the same issue, at least I'd feel better - the more people with the same issue the more likely it bubbles up to the Dev team.


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    Please do TOOLS, Account List ... and tell us what it says in the "Transactions Download" column adjacent to each of these accounts.
    And, can you show us a graphic of your issue?
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