3 paychecks are damaged and show all 0 in paycheck split

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hi all,

this isn't 1st time I had to redo paychecks
I suspect that some quicken update broke my paychecks after 03/30/20 , all before looks Ok and the last one paycheck also looks Ok
So, I think this isn't Bill & Income Reminder related as I just match downloaded with reminder with some minor adjustments.

I had Mobile & Web sync on, but disabled it reading many related to it issue and I don't use those anyway. it might be related that Mobile & Web sync damaged those, but I have no proof

I fund this as in spending is substantial unassigned amounts, so I drilled down to appropriate transactions, which are paycheck type
I run File Validate that reported multiple damaged investment type account transactions that are linked to 3 last paychecks

when I click Ctrl-Shift-S on paycheck transaction I see all splits and correct amounts , but empty category for investment accounts (401k, espp, hsa) , and Edit Current Paycheck shows all 0s

why Categories - transfer accounts are gone?

how I can fix current issue?
how to avoid it in the future?

I'm spending (wasting) my time on my data recovery far more vs working on my data in the past year, in a way right as I went for new subscription quicken from prev Intuit model




  • Sherlock
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    Please provide the version of Quicken being used: select Help > About Quicken

    Are you syncing any accounts to the Quicken Cloud?
  • mikek753
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    hello Sherlock,

    H&B 2020 R26.23 build

    I was syncing, but I disabled it after found those damaged transactions, based on some of your prev closed thread.

    I've used Ctrl-Shift-S to add Category for Investment accounts and also had to remove old 3 transfers per investment account in each manually (Also learned from your old posts)
  • Craig20155
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    I am curious, had you done a validation between redoing the paychecks and then seeing them blank again?
    Using Quicken since 1996
  • mikek753
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    No, I can't answer for sure as don't remember if it was done or wasn't in the past 2 months.
    the validate after I manually added Category via split and removed old transactions from investment accounts didn't show any errors

    I have no idea what was the cause to damage good paychecks ...
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