Please provide updates on Bill Manager problems and challenges.

Question 1: Any updates on the development of scheduling payments? This is a big deal and you will lose many users. Can you please provide some updates regarding the developments and timeframes so that your customers can make informed decisions? Thanks.

Question 2: There still seem to be many bugs with payees. The links don't connect or update well. Specifically, I have several payees that look like they are set up and there were errors in the setup. However, I can verify there are payments due but Quicken still says "awaiting next bill." Please provide updates and set up a helpdesk during this transition period to get these issues fixed that are providing significant frustration and disruption in the lives of Quicken customers.

Question 3: Customer support doesn't work well. I've been dropped multiple times and have not been able to get any support. Any updates on when you may have quality customer support available to your customers. Thanks.

I look forward to hearing from somoeone soon.


  • Robert
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    There has been no addition information, support or guidance for Quicken customers since 3.20.20. See
  • Robert
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    Question 4: Can you please provide the ability to increase the number of payments a Quicken customer can make? Please provide updates and a timeline for this fuctinality. Thank you!
  • Robert
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    Question 5: Can you please address the need to make payments for larger amounts? Quicken needs to work wiht the payee community and solve this problem for Quicken customers. Quicken changed its system and needs to be proactive regarding this problem. Own it. It's not acceptable to say the payee sets the limit when this wasn't a problem in Quicken Bill Pay (the previous Metavante sytem). Thanks.
  • Robert
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    Question 6: You need to allow the ability to make one time check pay payments without having to create a bill reminder. This is crazy! Please provide updates when possible.
  • Robert
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    Question 7: What happened to the "Online Payee List"? It blank and there is no explanation or instructions on how we are supposed to make payments. Please provide information ASAP.
  • browndh
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    Bill Manager is an unacceptable product. My fear is that August 31 will come, Bill Pay will go away, and we will be left with a product that does not work.

    I don't know what to make of Quicken's radio silence on Bill Manager issues reported to them. They do not have the courtesy to at the very least acknowledge and say we are working on it, or that they will respond shortly. Their support has never been great.

    I am look at contingency plans through other services.
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  • TB Agent
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    I agree with what is stated above, tech support isn’t really any help, I have had nothing but trouble with bill manager, as stated above.

    In addition the check pay did send the checks out but had the wrong address printed on the check, and no way to change it, wasted multiple hours with tech support and explaining the problem over and over, had to ask for supervisor and still had no answer, he was supposed to get an answer and email or call me with the solution, which still hasn’t happen, this is now over 3 months ago.

    With this lasted update today, it says complete the task so you can use bill manger, all of mine said verified but one which said remove and you guessed it, it didn’t remove, so bill manger now is unusable.

    Unable to schedule payments make using quicken much more time consuming for users.

    I have suggested refund for the subscriptions, but never even got a response.
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