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A lot of people budget each paycheck, rather than by month. I think it would be great if you could add a bi-weekly budget functionality. There may be other payroll cycle configurations to consider as well.
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  • lucindrea
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    as this is the number one request im very confused by why quicken still does not allow the change of budgets or start date of the month ... basically it means quicken ignores it's users for the past 5 or 6 years this has been requested.
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    @lucindrea  This post is about being able to budget bi-weekly. That's certainly not "the number one request"; as you can see, it has thus far garnered just two votes since it was posted in May 2020.

    The issue of being able to specify a date range to compare budget to actual is something quite different. The developers have said that functionality is planned, but we don't know how soon it will be released.

    To clarify one thing, this was definitely not the number one user request over the past 6 years since the modern Quicken Mac was launched. In fact, annual budgets weren't even in the original Quicken 2015 release. Once budgeting was added, things like loans and reports got many more user votes than budget issues. Over time, being able to select accounts and include transfers in budgets were the budget issues that drew the most votes and comments. Both of those have been tackled this year, so now other popular budget issues, such as date range for actual-versus-budget reports and an option for monthly budget rollovers are likely at the top of the list for budget enhancements. While we all wish our personal top priorities for Quicken could be implemented yesterday, I think it's fair to say that if you compare Quicken Mac today to five years ago, the developers have most definitely been listening to users in the development of new and enhanced features. 
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    @lucindrea This is a Mac thread not a Windows one, and you have indicated that you are using Windows.  What's more you are posting on every thread like this and posted your own, that is against the forum policy.  Not to mention the disruptive statements you are making that the moderators are editing out.
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  • I am definitely interested in bi-weekly budgeting for Quicken Mac. I am paid every two weeks and have used my own excel spreadsheet to manage my finances and would really appreciate adding this feature.