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RESOLVED: How edit or disable auto complete

zzhog5809zzhog5809 Member ✭✭
edited October 2020 in Alerts & Known Product Issues
Quickfill is driving me nuts. I would like to just have a few payees quick filled. Now, every payee from the past several years is being suggested when I type the first letter of a payee. Is there a way around this?


  • RickORickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Look in Preferences > Register > QuickFill Rules. Unchecking the box will basically turn off QuickFill. You will need to manually delete any already-created rules from Window > Payees & Rules > QuickFill.
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • zzhog5809zzhog5809 Member ✭✭
    The QuickFill Rules box is unchecked. I have deleted all but two rules.
    Nothing has changed. It is still suggesting filling with payees from five or more years ago.
    I am using Quicken Deluxe 2020, Version 5.16.1 on a Mac.
  • RickORickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited May 2020
    If you mean that it still offers just the name of each payee when you start typing in the payee field, then there's no way to stop that. It pulls from your payee list and offers those that match as you start to type. But so what? Just keep typing and ignore the offered list that drops down.

    But the advantage of this is that once you type enough letters that the payee you want is filled, you can just hit <tab> to enter it without having to type out the whole name. If the payee has never before been used, then continue to type until the dropdown says "Create New Payee" and hit <tab> once you've typed the whole name.

    BTW, this behavior is not "QuickFill". QuickFill is when it enters other data (eg. category, amount, memo, etc. based on the payee. Simply offering previously used payee names is not what's meant by QuickFill.
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • zzhog5809zzhog5809 Member ✭✭
    Filling in names has changed. I would like it unchanged. Don't know if that will happen. I liked typing tr and Trader Joe's is quickly filled in. Now I have to type Trader J. It is not an advantage, it is an annoyance. I want control over what payees are remembered.
  • RickORickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I get it. But I really don’t think this aspect has changed since 2015.

    Here’s a workaround for the situation you describe. Say you have a current payee “Trader Joe’s” and an old payee you haven’t used for years called “Trader Horn”. What I do is rename payee “Trader Horn” to “zTrader Horn”. It will not longer get offered when you start typing T..R.. Hopefully there aren’t so many of these so it’s not that much effort to modify the old payee names when these crop up.
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • zzhog5809zzhog5809 Member ✭✭
    RickO: Quicken has changed since last week. I did not get 10 suggested payees when I typed Tr. Quicken has changed. I have close to 4,000 payees. I've been using Quicken since it first came out.
  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    > You said: "I have close to 4,000 payees."
    How come you have so many distinct payee names?
    Are you running a mail order business with 4,000 customers?
    Or do you have many different spellings of the same payee, e.g. "POS TRANS 070119 STARBU", "POS TRANS 070219 STARBU", "POS TRANS 070319 STARBU", etc., all for Starbucks shops?
    In the latter case I recommend you change your Payee Names and merge them into one standardized name, one Starbucks, one Trader Joe's, one McDonald's, etc. Pretty soon you'll have that list whittled down to something that's easier to use and performs better.

  • zzhog5809zzhog5809 Member ✭✭
    I did not realize Quicken kept track of all my payees for so long. I have a payee called Automobile Club of Southern California. I lived there in the 1980s. But what is your point? So what if I have so many payees? One version of quicken allowed you to control which payees were remembered, or used in auto-filling the payee in a transaction. That's what I want and I thought that is what I had, for a while anyway.
  • Stu JanisStu Janis Member ✭✭
    Recently (after the last update, I think), Quicken has started autofilling from hidden payees. When I type "Ama" (working my way towards Amazon), it autofills "Amanda wedding." I didn't even remember that payee, but when I looked at the payee list, "Amanda wedding" is there, but the hidden box is checked. How can I get that payee to stop autofilling?

    Quicken Deluxe v5.16.1
  • RickORickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @zzhog5809, Let me start this post with an apology. The workaround I mentioned above was something I did before the introduction of the Hide Payee feature, which apparently, in quarantine fog, I totally forgot about.

    Here's the Help File info about Hide Payee in the Payees window:

    NB: "do not appear as auto-complete suggestions". 

    That said, I think you have discovered a bug that was introduced in some recent update. In my testing now, if I hide a payee, it is still being offered for auto complete, even though it's hidden. Something does change: the payee no longer appears in the Best Matches dropdown list when it's hidden. But it does get auto-completed when typing in the payee field. 

    Although not directly related to QuickFill, it makes some sense to me that this bug could have cropped up as a result of modifications made to the Payees features relate to QuickFill.

    I think if you try this with a payee marked hidden and not marked hidden, you will see what I mean. It is something that's easily demonstrable. Unfortunately, I don't have the bandwidth right now to deal with support on this. I would suggest you contact support, get a screen-share going, and demonstrate that hiding a payee does not stop it from being auto-completed. Hopefully that will be a black-and-white demo of a bug that can be submitted by support to the dev team.

    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • RickORickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited May 2020
    Glad you posted this. I think you have found a bug introduced in 5.15 or 5.16. See this thread:


    I can replicate this too. I would suggest contacting support and do a screen share to clearly demo that this is a bug.
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • Quicken_TykaQuicken_Tyka Moderator mod
    edited September 2020
    Hello all,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue.

    I have been able to successfully recreate the issue, and have gone ahead and reported this bug.

    I will update this post as soon as I have more information available.

    Thank you again!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • zzhog5809zzhog5809 Member ✭✭
    I did not think to mention hiding payees no longer worked as advertised. I did not communicate well. Look forward to the fix.
  • I've seen some closed threads on this, but I'll raise it again. It seems like there's a serious bug with Quicken for Mac autofilling payees that I no longer have on my payee list.

    Every time I type, it starts to autofill potential payees. Since I've used Quicken for over 30 years, I've built up a lot of payees automatically memorized over time. And some payees come in from downloads with different names.

    I'd finally had enough, so I went through and deleted over 1,000 payees -- which is exactly what Quicken says to do when it populates QuickFill. It shows "Best Matches" payees with a "Edit Payees...." option at the bottom.

    Despite doing this, all the old payees keep appearing as suggestions. And yes, it happens even if disable renaming rules and QuickFill rules for the register.

    There seems to be nothing that anyone can do to prevent this. Or am I entirely missing something? It's annoying to have ancient payees suggested, especially when they aren't even on the payee list.
  • Hello @dannysullivan

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    What you are experiencing is a known issue with the hidden payees on Quicken for Mac. I have moved your post to the ongoing thread for this issue.

    This post will be updated as soon as more details become available.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • Hello all,

    Thank you for your patience throughout this issue and for taking the time to initially report the behavior.

     This has been fixed in the 5.18 version!

    This post is now being closed, if you continue to experience trouble please start a new post for assistance.

    -Quicken Tyka
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