Invoice: make Designer match the finished product, and fix some problems.

1) Put a box around the Customer Message area (as it used to be in 2017) - it shows that way in the designer but the box/outline does not print. It's just a "floating" message now.
2) Get rid of the "Balance Due" or make it optional. It does not show in the Designer, but it appears when you print.
Thank you.
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    "Balance Due" was added to customer invoices about 2 years ago and there were several discussions about it, including this Idea post:
    Until now, nothing has happened.
    And, yes, I would also like to see both the Customer Message area and the Balance Due field made fully customizable in the Forms Designer.

  • I just purchased the Canadian subscription this month, and the box line around the Customer Message Area is not showing, even though it is showing in the Form Designer. My prior version worked fine; how could it get worse? If there are any work around or fixes, I would like to know. My invoice looks unprofessional now.