Payee Differentiation for Check Pay Payees in New Bill Manager

The new Bill Manager has a fixed length field for Payee Name in the pop-up window used to select which payee you want when initiating a Check Pay. If the company name fills the field and you have more than one account/ policy with that payee, you can't tell which one to select. Yes, you can alter the company name to differentiate but I would rather leave the company name as the payee wants on payments. As an example in my case, I have several policies with State Farm Insurance Companies where the company name is the same but the policy number and addresses are different. If Quicken would add the account/ policy number along side the company name, the issue would be resolved. It looks like you might already be doing this with Quick Pay.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    It sounds like this is information that would go in the Memo field of the check.
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