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Chemical Bank and TCF Bank Merger Issue

Chemical Bank merged with TCF Bank. Chemical Bank is now using TCF Banks digital platform for online banking. When you log into Chemical Bank the server name/address is digitalbanking2.tcfbank.com. However, when you try to set up a Chemical Bank account in Quicken for Mac to download transactions the server name/address available is digital banking.tcfbank.com. Notice that the digit 2 is missing in Quicken Connect address. The former server address takes you to Chemical Bank while the latter takes you to TCF Bank. Who's responsibility is it to add Chemical Bank with the server address digitalbanking2.tcfbank.com to the list of available financial institutions for setting up transactions downloads in Quicken?


  • larrypburnettlarrypburnett Member
    I'm having the same issue trying to reconnect Chemical Bank accounts after the merger. I've talked to both. Chemical Bank's response to every question was call Quicken. After about an hour, Quicken chat support finally saw the link problem. They told me it would get fixed but didn't know when. I have a case number so I think I'll do follow up.
  • Craig in ERCraig in ER Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the comments. Glad you are investigating also. I hope Quicken team can figure this one out. Seems like a simple task to add Chemical Bank Digital Banking with the correct server address to the list of financial institutions. TCF Bank Digital Banking is in the list. Also, seems like Chemical Bank/TCF Bank dropped the ball on this one.

    I contacted Chemical Bank E-services and got this response.
    "Thank you for your feedback. Our programmers are currently aware of an issue impacting the ability to connect Chemical Bank accounts to Intuit products. They are currently working with Intuit to resolve the issue, unfortunately, at this time no ETA has been provided. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience."
  • larrypburnettlarrypburnett Member
    Just spent another 45 min on chat with Quicken. No fix. Escalated this issue. Hopefully someday it will be fixed. I have a case number to call them back during weekdays when whoever can fix it is in.
  • Craig in ERCraig in ER Member ✭✭
    The correct server address of digitalbanking2.tcfbank.com for Chemical Bank has been added to the list of financial institutions in Quicken but it is in the list under "Chemical Bank Personal". Check it out. However, when you try to set up the connection you get the message "Please answer the question so we can confirm you identity". But the box to enter the information says "Please enter the verification code that has been sent..." There is no question and no code ever gets sent. Conflicting information and the system is still not set up correctly. Move work to be done by Chemical/TCF bank? Or Quicken? Also, the instructions on Chemical Bank's web site for setting up a connection to Quicken are woefully inaccurate. They do not pertain to Chemical Bank customer just TCF Bank customers.
  • glicvpglicvp Member
    Definitely a Quicken issue, the selection dialog never comes us to allow you to send a text or email. the verification dialog comes up but if you don't have a code it will not let you in.
  • larrypburnettlarrypburnett Member
    I tried the Chemical Bank Personal and see the change to digitalbanking2.tcfbank.com and also got the prompt to enter the code sent to your cell phone, but no text ever comes in so progress but no progress!
  • Craig in ERCraig in ER Member ✭✭
    Just got a new response from Chemical/TCF Bank regarding this issue. Take it for what it is worth.
    Thank you for reaching out. We are very sorry to hear of the complications with Quicken. This is a known disconnect with Quicken at this time and our team is working on a resolution as quickly as possible. We have alerted them and submitted a digital service request on your behalf. Unfortunately, with this impact we are hearing it could take up to 2 weeks. You will be contacted by a specialist from our digital team. In the meantime, there is a work around where you are able to export the file and manually upload to Quicken. We greatly appreciate your patience.
  • larrypburnettlarrypburnett Member
    Message from TCF Bank
    Sent: 06/08/2020, 5:30PM
    If you are a Quicken or Quickbooks user, we know that you’ve experienced difficulty in reconnecting to those services after converting to our new digital banking experience.

    We are working with Intuit to resolve issues that are preventing us from connecting digital banking to Quicken and Quickbooks. We hope to have these issues resolved within the next several weeks.

    In the meantime, you can manually download your transactions from digital banking and upload them to Quicken or Quickbooks by following these steps:

    1. From your list of transactions, select Export Transactions.

    2. Choose your date range, then select the file format – QFX for Quicken, QBO for Quickbooks.

    3. Click download.

    4. Double-click the downloaded file and select open with Quicken or Quickbooks.

    5. Select the account you’re uploading to. The transactions will automatically populate.

    We appreciate your patience with us as we work to restore the connection to Quicken and Quickbooks. If you need additional support, please call us at 1-800-867-9757.
  • larrypburnettlarrypburnett Member
    So today (6-19-2020) Chemical Bank Personal sent text codes so I was able to reconnect checking accounts. Don't know how long it will work, but it did today. I guess wihen it quits working, that will be the time to change to TCF Bank.
  • Craig in ERCraig in ER Member ✭✭
    Thanks for sharing. I tried to connect today as well. I did receive a text code from TCF bank but it was not accepted because of a sync issue with Quicken aggregate servers. That was the error message I got. With Chemical Bank becoming TCF bank on August 10 we will probably have to re-connect all over again anyway. Not a very elegant merger experience so far. I will blame it on the Corona Virus disrupting normal operations. We will see what happens on August 10.
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