Quicken.QDF on a network

Using Quicken 2019 premier Win-10 . Been running Quicken.QDF on a network server for years. Suddenly when attempting to copy-paste add an attachment to a record receive “quicken is unable to read the encrypted file” .

Moved Quicken.QDF to documents folder and runs fine ... why all of a sudden does this fail?
Thanks in advance.


  • GeoffG
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    Quicken does not and never has supported network access. It may work until it does not and can lead to irreparable data corruption. The fact that you have used for years is not relevant as Quicken Inc. states they do not support  networks and can change code that impacts your network usage at any time.
    By all means use the network for backups, just not the current data file.
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  • NotACPA
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    Extending @GeoffG's comment, Q lacks the "Lock", "Commit" and "RollBack" commands that would be necessary to run successfully in a networked environment.
    All that you need is on minor hiccup (or power wiggle) while you're writing to your Q data file for that file to be turned into TOAST.
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  • Sherlock
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    Extending on @NotACPA's comment, there is a real risk the file may be corrupted in a subtle way that may not be immediately apparent and may not be recoverable.
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