Bill Manager Applying payments to wrong account

I have three Chase credit card accounts (Sapphire, AARP, and Marriott). Ever since Bill Manager arrived all my payments have been going to the Sapphire account, even if they are set up to pay the AARP or Marriott. There has been no help from Quicken Support, who is insisting it is a bank problem, which it certainly is not. There does not appear to be anyway in Bill Manager (on the bills and income screen) to see or edit the account number applied for each card. I am receiving the bills electronically in the proper fashion, just the payments going to the wrong account. Anyone have this problem, Help!


  • muchy1
    muchy1 Member ✭✭✭
    My advice is to forget bill manager and use your banks bill paying program until Quicken (hopefully) gets this program functional. I've given up after wasting countless hours trying to make it work.
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