E-transfer Transactions (Account not synced and Unsynced transfer transactions can't be edited)

Despite performing a Cloud Sync, some transactions are listed as "Account Not Synced" in the transaction list for Quicken Mobile.

Furthermore, when trying to modify the "Category", the error "Unsynced transfer transactions can't be edited" appears.

It seems to be unique to any transactions where the Payee is listed as "E transfer Ca" or "Send E Tfr" (in other words, Interac Email transfer transactions where money is either coming in or going out)

It's almost as though Quicken is interpreting these as internal transfers between accounts owned by me.

Any advice on how to address this error?

Quicken 2020
Version R25.24


  • aagoela
    aagoela Member
    Worked with online agent through many steps.

    Ultimately, the simple fix was to assign "Cash Withdrawal" as the category to bypass the issue.
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